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Photo: Jens C Hilner
[Photo: Jens C Hilner]

WELCOME to dr Sanna Ehdin

On this website you will find a presentation of dr Sanna Ehdin, PhD in Immunology, her books and her dedicated work to help people all over the world achieve a better health by focusing on:

- our inherent self-healing capacity
- our personal strengths
- that which gives us happiness and joy in life!

Sanna Ehdin, PhD, is a Swedish expert on self-Healing and healthy lifestyles. She has written 14 books that have sold over a million copies, are published in ten countries worldwide and have lectured to more than 100 000 people. She has 200 000 followers per week on Facebook and other social media.

She shares her time between Sweden, Western Australia, and California.

Dr Ehdin new Website will be launched in summer of 2016.

Self-Healing Human

Dr Sanna Ehdin's International bestseller publisched 1999 an 2003 (in USA) can be ordered as an e-book here:

Dr. Sannas Swedish Såpa

This new health product became an instant success in Sweden, and thousands of happy users testify to its benefits.

It is a health-promoting soap made of pure pine oil that has been saponified. Use it for the skin and for cleansing foot & body baths.

Thousands of users have come back and reported that dr Sannas Swedish Såpa counteracts acne, itching, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis,was well as gives relief from many skin conditions. They use it for detoxifying the skin in baths.

This products is available in Perth, West Australia and in Los Angeles, California.
Order in Los Angeles: from health and fitness expert Birgitta Lauren,, via email below.

Read more in link.

Web lecture

Raise your energy level - and live a rich, happy and self-healing life! Re-release of Sanna Ehdin Anandalas web lecture.

A major reason for diseases and tiredness today is energy crises. Here is what you can do about it!

The Self-Healing Human

The Self-Healing Human has sold 400 000 copies in ten countries.

The updated book: "The Self-Healing Human" will have all the latest info about how to strengthen the self-healing powers and prevent or fight any dis-ease.

It present a whole new way of looking at our diet and the root and cause of die-ease. It opens up for a really new approach to health and continual wellbeing – based both on ancient knowledge and the latest modern research.

It will be published as an e-book in the 2015/16, and shorter sections released as audiobooks during that time.

Sanna Ehdin lectures about
• The Self-Healing Human
• Raise your energy
• Stop struggling – start living
• Find your inner success
• The Wise Woman's Way

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