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Welcome your Self-Healing Powers!

I want to raise peoples awareness about our Self-Healing powers. Since
1998 I have written books and lectured about this and how to increase your overall wellbeing, happiness and inner power – so you can have a fulfilling life! My 13 published books have sold a million copies in ten countries, and I have lectured to over 100 000 people.

By shifting focus to the positive side – Self-Healing instead of dis-ease – your health will shift in remarkable ways. Strengthen your self-healing powers and get a whole new life.

That includes removing negative thought patterns and attitudes and replacing them with positive and life-enhancing. This important shift, will transform us both individually and as a society – and we are presently in the midst of this exciting upgrade of Human awareness.

When you find what is true for you, what makes you truly happy to fulfill – you will rock the world!

Sanna Anandala, PhD
(a.k.a. Sanna Ehdin)

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